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Union Bank of Switzerland (UK)

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   Here I developed the main reports of a Money Market trade recording system.    These reports called externally written calculation routines and detailed future cashflows, equivalent positions in Futures contracts, realised end of day profit and the expected profit for each book.    They were used by a dealer to manage his position on a 500 million pound book of CDs, TBs, BAs, Loans, Deposits, Futures, FRAs and Swap Trades.    Using the application the dealer could value his book in as little as 5 minutes and managers could montior closely gains and loses.    Once in production I provided on-going support and enhancements.    This entailed close liaison with dealers and managers on the trading floor.    The system ran on a NOVEL PC network using the Microsoft C language interfaced to a BTRIEVE database.

   Returning to UBS after a spell in NZ I maintained a small back office system for recording Bonds and Options on Bonds.    This system, written in Visual Basic, used the Black-Scholes model for pricing Options.    I was also involved in the development of a Swaps 'what if' pricing tool, where proposed deals consisting of several trades could be assessed for estimated P&L and hedging.    The front end was written using Visual Basic Professional version 3.0 with a database designed using Access (Version 1.10), referenced as Dynasets.    The system was based around using MDIchild forms as on screen objects.    Helping out in another system I created reports using Access and Microsoft ODBC drivers based on underlying btrieve files.