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   I was involved in two separate projects at the Cheapside, City of London offices.    The first, a Y2K infrastructure project went so well, I was invited on a second.    The first project required the detailing of existing software and hardware for the 500 London staff.    Access 97 was used to keep track of this.    The advanced part of the application displayed this information and upgrading schedules across the companies intranet using HTML and ASP pages.    This meant users could find out what the upgrades were and when they would take place.

   The second project was to create a reporting front end to a SYBASE database on a SUN UNIX box, extracting the data using ODBC.    Once again Access 97 was used with the MS Graph module.    The Access application had 12 combo boxes that could refine a data selection and display the result graphically in real time.    Once a selection was made, the criteria could be saved with others to create a batch of reports that could be produced each week from a single click.    For an animated illustration of how some of the application worked please see below...

Help Desk reporting application Animated slideshow (220k)

   Please see below for some illustrations of the reports produced...

Call volumes by Category 3D Pie chart (65k)
SLA Performance by Group 3D Bar chart (102k)
Idee Availability 3D Bar chart (152k)
Idee Outages 3D Bar chart (83k)

   I also used the Intranet to host a employee survey using a series of data entry screens, with ASP and HTX files.    The feedback was collated into Access and SQL SERVER databases.    Please see below for the resulting graphics...

Help Desk Survey 3D Bar chart (76k)