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    Here I sub-contracted to IBM who were building an employee monitoring application, for the NZ Inland Revenue Service.     The Inland Revenue employed over 400 telephone advisers prior to financial return deadlines.     The VBA ( Access ) application I built interrogated the Telephone Exchange ( ACD ) to retrieve timing data of all phone calls handled by the 400 staff.     I used an ActiveX Winsock Control to get the data from the Telephone ACD.     Special code was needed as the communication channel with the ACD only worked in one direction.     The application also interfaced to a DB2 Database and produced reports.

    Also while on site, I saved IBM $50,000, by reviewing some legacy code.     They were about to buy a much larger mini-computer as the one running the End of Day procedure was still running 9am the next morning.     I identified an inefficiency in the code ( not using SQL-pass through queries ) that when fixed, shaved 4 hours of the End of Day procedure.     IBM were so impressed they offered me a job.