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   The requirement at BP was to get a grip on the cost and status of projects running in the Chemicals division.    The challenge was that these projects were based in over 50 sites around the world.    Their first attempt to collect the information wasn't successful.    When they came to me, they realized it had failed because it was a Spanish inquisition.    Many project managers didn't have the time or will to complete all the details.    The brief was to keep it simple, on one page and easy to fill out.    Yet it also had to collect financial details.    The Intranet was the obvious medium.    The application required a less austere approach with a data entry screen that could be completed with a simple series of mouse clicks.    This was accomplished with a split screen approach.    The right side contained a list of multi choice options.    Automatic prompting also speed up data entry by pre-filling fields based on previous selections.    Most of the coding for the data collection, data selection and reporting pages was done with VBscript in ASP pages.    Written in three months, the application was installed on the BP Intranet on time and to some acclaim.    To see a full working version on the Internet click on a button below...   Feel free to enter new data, edit it and report on it, as it's all dummy sample data.

   An example of some buttons created. Mouse Over to see animation explaining button function

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