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At Superdrug, I maintained and developed new applications on the company Intranet. It serviced 800 Superdrug and 400 Savers stores and was a vital communication link with Head Office. I designed and built the back-end applications of SD's "Click and Collect" service. Store personnel used my pages to log the arrival of orders, from the warehouse, and collection by customers. As Store personnel noted these events, my code would trigger a series of up to five e-mails to advise and remind customers. Also built, was an Intranet based administration interface for Head Office staff to investigate and handle delivery exceptions. Key to the success of the project was my SQL Server database design. It included full date-stamping and logging of all events, which was crucial in identifying the cause of these delivery anomalies. In response to inconsistent data arriving from the warehouse, I built a VB6 monitoring program, which when automatically scheduled every day, identified errors and emailed the appropriate people to advise of the situation.

With one other colleague, I built, in two months an Intranet based HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, AJAX and SQL Server application to record staff working hours, as entered by 1200 Store Managers. This data was feed into a separate payroll system. Another application, enabled Store Managers to document, detail and log their business plans for review by Area and Regional Managers. At the time of leaving SD, store managers had entered text to the equivalent volume of six "War and Peace" novels. Many of the Intranet pages, I wrote, made extensive use of jQuery to sort and select HTML tables.

Please see here, for a description of SD's Click a Collect service.