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Eftpos New Zealand Ltd

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   This was an exciting role in a company that experienced staggering growth.    Being the only DP professional on site I oversaw all aspects of the company's computing requirements including business analysis, systems design, coding, production maintenance, operational procedures and staff training.     The system I analysed and coded from scratch was written in Access (Version 2.0).     It recorded all details of the retailers and the EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) terminals customers leased from the company.     The system was also used as a marketing tool by eight telesales operators who organized their leads on the database and were able to fax order forms directly from their terminal via a DDE link with Winfax PRO.     Management used the reports generated to monitor stock requirements and sales statistics. The completed software was leased to the WESTPAC, BNZ and ANZ banks.    Procomm Plus (version 2.11) was linked to the application to facilitate data transfer.

   In summary the application hugely increased the efficiency of all staff.    The telesales had a mini database to nurture their leads.    Once turned into a positive sale no re-keying was necessary.    All required forms could be printed using existing data with one click of the mouse.    Management got summary reports of sales performance also with a single click.    You could say all the information they needed was right under their fingertips.    At my first consultation there were just 3 employees including the directors.    Production was so efficient that after six months their staff numbers jumped to 60.

   A small sample of the application is illustrated below...

EFTPOS application Animation of some Screen shots (680K)